Ban the eyeball.
It sees.
It provides information.
Neural pathways to grey matter.
Eyeball sees a colour.
Grey matter responds.
Eyeball sees skin.
Grey matter decides if its colour matters.
Ban the eyeball.
Dig them out.
Sew the lids closed.
Grey matter starved of visual data.
Grey matter can’t hate a colour it can’t see.
Blindness battling Bigotry.

But if you need to hate?
If you need to feel superior? Entitled?
If you thrive on fear?
Would you then use your ears?
Listening for a trace of race.
Accent or dialect so you can suspect someone is different to you.
An excuse for abuse.

Would you use your nose? Olfactory detective.
Searching for clues.
Making assumptions.
So you can clutch at the straws of race war.

But the eyes, ocular spies, are the worst.
Tools for judgement in an instant.
Feeding the Bigotry ingrained in your brain.
Let that Bigotry starve.
Close those eyes on hate.

Ban the eyeball.


Copyright Blind Johnny Smoke 2020