I have one black dog that loves me
I have another who thinks I’ll fail always
One black dog adores me
The other feels a different way

One black dog gives me freedom
One black dog gives me chains
One block dog is my companion
The other might drive me insane

One black dog shares my adventures
The other locks me inside
One will be with me whatever whenever
The other black dog makes me hide

One black dog always has a lick for me
The other more likely to kick me down
One black dog who will bring me his toy
The other would lead me to drown

One black dog shares warmth with me
The other an oppressive dead weight
One shows me unconditional love
The other dog triggers self hate

Both black dogs I feed
Only one of them I need
One I give toys and bones to chew
The other gets my self doubt and neuroses

Both dogs rarely leave my side
Never going too far away
One faithfully keeps me safe
The other let’s me go astray

One black dog is my canine soul mate
We operate as one being
The other black dog is more of a curse
That sends my confidence fleeing

One black dog I would never choose to be without
The enabler, the faithful, the hero
The other block dog I’d love to go away
When he lingers I am zero

Everyone loves my one black dog
With him I am a better human being
None can see the other black dog
Though he is huge and full of negative feeling

You see, I have two dogs, not one
Both are as black as night
But one shines like a beacon to me
And helps me with my fight

The other? Well I try to ignore him
Though i don’t always succeed
Over that black dog I seek mastery
To keep on a shortened lead

So my one black dog is beloved
My soldier in the war I fight each day
I treasure him despite his rebellious quirks
And he keeps the other black dog at bay.